Norberto Torres - Flamenco Internacional - El Olivo - 2004

When I arrived to Sanlucar de Barrameda in August 1982 to follow that historic "First International Flamenco Guitar Seminary" by Manolo (Sanlucar), I was astonished.

I was in the students residence entrance, and from upstairs, one could listen a guitar playing the Colombiana "Monasterio de la Sal" by Paco de Lucía. Who was that student who dared to play such a complex piece, as well technically as musically?

Where am I? If all the students are going to be like this one I am listening, I afraid about my future here. The mystery was solve a bit later. The virtuoso who got by ears and just drank all the compositions of Paco (de Lucia) and Manolo (Sanlucar) was called Bruno Pedros, born at Naples. A crazy flamenco guitar passionate ....

L'Arena - Il giornale di Verona - 2004

Bruno Pedros, born at Naples, but with Spanish origins, is considered one of the most prestigious performers and composers in Flamenco music

La Nazione - 2003

An evening dedicated to flamenco with the virtuous Maestro Bruno Pedros .......

The protagonist this evening is Bruno Pedros - a Neapolitan having a long research about gypsy and andalusian music on his shoulders ........

GuitArt - 2003

BRUNO PEDROS IN AREZZO .... he develops an interesting research about the most essential Andalusian guitar culture .... a guitar player "made in Italy" but with international dimensions .... we had the pleasant surprise to listen his original compositions .....

Radio EMME News - 2003

... This Monday, at 21:30, the concert is called "Flamenco Nights".
Protagonist is Bruno Pedros' magic guitar ....

La Stampa - 1992

The suggestive "Santa Maria Maggiore de Borgocchio" church in Avigliana could not inhibit the affluence of spectators which arrive to acclaim Bruno Pedros Flamenco concert .... a sweet sound, but substantial, which knows how to transform in a decided and firm magic sonority .....

Prensa de Isernia - 1992

"San Francesco" Palace resounds with Spanish music: Bruno Pedros' merit, who with his flamenco guitar, closed the concerts session 92-93.

Antonella Puca - 1990

.... to wonder that exactly in Naples, a 27 years old guitar player was invited to participate as a performer in the next edition of the "Bienal de Flamenco" in Seville, the most important Flamenco manifestation which takes place each two years in Spain...

.... Bruno Pedros is also invited by Fausta Vetere and Corraldo Sfogli to collaborate in his "Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare". Together with Eugenio Benato he participates in the spectacle "A Sud di Mozart", at the same time that he plays in Roma with the Spanish choreograph Rafael Aguilar in "Bolero". Nowadays Bruno is more immerse than ever in a performance activity .....

L'Arena - Il giornale di Verona

.... with the first "master class" guitar, as protagonist, the talented Bruno Pedros, nowadays one of the most important flamenco performers.

Il Mattino - 1984

In Naples sounds the DUEMILLA: For first time together, Senese and other "big" ones.

Bruno Pedros, James Senese, Enzo Gragnaniello and others .... the most inspired musicians from Naples, those with most outstanding spirit ....

Luigi Costa - musicologist - (critics about the recital for the Cultural Association "Torre del Greco")

Bruno Pedros' performance proved a great musical temperament and established with perfect coherence the complete profile of the Spanish musical patrimony.

Interview to the guitar player Carlos Ledermann, (about the historic flamenco seminary imparted in 1982 by Manolo Sanlucar)

... this seminary marked an unforgettable milestone not only in our lifes, the ones who attended it, but maybe even in Manolo's life, although he was teaching before that time, because in this seminary very famous musicians were emerging, names like Vicente Amigo, Antonio Ruiz and Bruno Pedros.

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