One of the most “prestigious figures of Flamenco guitar”, a “crazy flamenco passionate” or a “Spanish Neapolitan” are some of the titles which where given to such a singular personality, who one day discovered his passion for Flamenco and suddenly decided to leave his country and move to Spain in order to become a flamenco guitar player.

And although it sounded crazy, with a lot of persistency he got it.

Very young and with loads of enthusiasm he introduced himself to the most pure Flamenco circles in Cordoba, Seville and Madrid, winning the respect of many of the greatest figures of flamenco, like Manolo Sanlucar, Victor Monge Serranito, Paco de Lucía, Ramón de Algeciras and Rafael Riqueni, among others.

At all of his concerts he received most favorable critics. A special mention merits his performances at the "Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla" in 1990, at the World Exposition "Expo'92" in Seville and his world tour in 1999 with the original Flamenco Master since the 1960's, Victor Monge "Serranito".

His virtuosity and his elegant interpretation, emotional and plenty of feelings, make him a superb performer of the most authentic Flamenco style.His guitar playing has plenty of sensibility and expressive eloquence. His Flamenco is passionate and poetic.

In continuous investigation for new solutions and sounds, Bruno is a tireless researcher and transcriptor of flamenco music. As he says: "Almost daily I am working on new compositions and on transcripting flamenco guitar classics."

During the course of these years, Bruno, additionally to Flamenco, deepened in Spanish an international Classical Music, and has dedicated as well to the Mediterranean music, like the Neapolitan Music or the Andalusi Music (a remnant of the Spanish-Maghreban civilization considered one of the Flamenco music's ancestors).

He achieved to use these rich influences in his compositions to obtain new and surprising results.

As a composer, he merges traditional Flamenco forms with new ideas and harmonies, offering a richness of expression and sound which is a demonstration of his huge creativity.

Bruno Pedros lives nowadays between Spain and Italy, as he said "as a nomad without a break .... more so than a gypsy".

Bruno, an outstanding person who loves music over all, is always modest and friendly and doesn't consider his own work important at all. On the other hand, when he speaks about his friends and colleagues, he spreads out with compliments. And when he talks about flamenco artists whom he calls "Masters" with emphasis, he expresses his admiration, respect and recognition with special emotion .... and after all that, he adds "mu güeno" (= very good) in his most authentic Andalusian accent.

Those are the pages dedicated to a Neapolitan with Spanish blood who dedicated his life to the guitar and who left a track wherever he was. Who wouldn't appreciate Bruno in the purest Flamenco circles in Seville, Cordoba or Madrid?

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